Winning the game of life.

Recently, I've read this book. It really inspired me. I want to shared with you the secrets.
  1. Choose to excel
  2. Take control of your life.
  3. Planned, executed and conquered.
  4.  Being result orientated.
  5. Constantly learn and grow.
  6. Controlling your inner talk.
  7. "How can I do it?" attitude.
  8. Being persistent.
  9. Having the end reward in mind.
  10. Having a burning desire to achieve goals and dreams.
  11. Listening to the right person in the right field.
  12. Having positive unshakable beliefs.
  13. Being master duplicators.
  14. Being productive.
  15. Move on you know.
  16. Actively listening.
  17. Living and working in the now.
  18. Take a calculated risk.
  19. GAME TIME!

Try to apply all this and you can see the difference. Good luck! :D

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Mia Liana said...

wahhh... buku motivasi ni..

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